Narrative - Academics

Being one of the most esteemed and top engineering institutes of India, academics at IIT Bombay has seen many interesting sides and the perception and attitude of the students towards academics has been very diverse. We surveyed the students who have passed out this year to get more insights into the academic environment and students’ opinions and views about the same. The survey questions ranged from students’ outlook towards their departments to academic dishonesty and attendance.

  • Despite being the so called premier technological institute with a tough entrance test, only 17.8% of the respondents have academics as their first priority, though there were around 39.8% of the students who admitted to be sincere but could not reach their potential due to several reasons. From the remaining, 29.8% just wanted a decent CPI and the rest just sailed through.

  • A majority of students (which is around 68%) were interested in core before joining the institute, in contrast with their interests now. Adding to this, 47.9% of the students’ expectations about their departments did match with the reality and among the rest, 29.2% of them were really disappointed with the reality leaving the fortunate 22.9% who felt that it was beyond their expectations.

  • In spite of the strict rules and policies devised by the institute, almost 50% of the students indulged in some or the other form of cheating. Expanding the 50% split-up, 22.4% were totally dishonest, 17.2% of the students thought twice before cheating but were ultimately dishonest. 44.3% of them have sticked to the institute rules by being completely honest.

  • On probing further, the main reason why students resorted to such academic dishonesty is either because the student is not interested in the course or due to peer pressure. Around 11% of them fell to its prey due to the other non-academic activities which ate away all the time and 10.9% of the respondents weren’t confident enough and ended up taking the dishonest route. The rest admitted not having indulged in any such activities.

  • A major chunk of such dishonest cases is due to the copying being done in assignments. The next ones down the line are projects/presentations, quizzes and midsem/endsem. The rest have never cheated in any of the above.

  • In stark contrast, around 87% condemned cheating as very wrong

  • On being given an option of not attending the classes, around 58% of the students would still be attending most of the classes leaving the rest missing them