What department are you from?

The maximum number of respondents are from Mechanical Engineering at 18.8%, followed by CSE (14.6%), Civil Engineering (14.6%), Chemical Engineering (14.1%) and Electrical Engineering (13.5%). Overall, the number of respondents from each department roughly correspond with the size of the graduating batch in that department, with Energy Science, Engineering Physics and BSBE having the smallest number of respondents.

What degree will you be graduating with?

Almost 83% of the respondents graduated with a B.Tech degree, out of which 14.71% graduated with an additional minor, 8.91% with an honors, and 11.51% with both. Out of the rest, 16.22% of the respondents graduated with a Dual Degree, and only 1% received an integrated M.Sc. degree

Cumulative Performance Index (CPI)

What was your CPI?

Maximum number of respondents had their CPI lying between 8 and 9 (34%). About 18.84% had a CPI greater than 9. While only 2.6% had a CPI between 4 and 6.

Attitude towards Academics

Were you interested in core when you first joined the institute?

A majority of the students were interested in core at the time of joining the institute, at 68%. As the career section reveals, this percentage dropped significantly by their final year.

What was your general attitude towards your academic performance?

Only 17.8% of the respondents stated academic performance to be their first priority, while 39.8% felt that they were not able to fulfill their complete academic potential. 12.6% wished to just sail through their academics.

Academic Flexibility

How would you rate the institute on the grounds of academic flexibility with 5 being the best? (in terms of Minors, Credit System, ALC etc.)

In terms of academic flexibility, the institute received a positive response, with 67.5% of the respondents giving an above average rating. 24.1% gave an average rating of 3, while only 2.6% gave the lowest rating of 1.

Expectations vs Reality

How different was the reality compared to your expectations of your department (before coming to IIT)?

Almost 48% of the respondents felt that their expectations almost matched the reality, when it came to their departments. 29.2% of the responders were disappointed, while 22.9% found their departments to be better than expected.

Academic Honesty

How honest were you with your academics?

55.7% of the students committed an academic malpractice at least once during their stay. 85 claimed they were totally honest when it came to academics.

What propelled you to use unfair means?

The major reasons given by the respondents for indulging in cheating were disinterest in the course and “Everyone else was doing it”, with 61 and 60 responses respectively. 22 gave the reason of involvement in non-academic activities as justification for their malpractices.

In which of the following did you indulge in unfair means?

A large chunk of the students (63.5%) indulged in cheating in assignments, followed by cheating in projects which 23.4% confessed of having done. Only 11.5% of the respondents claimed to have cheated in a mid-semester or an end-semester exam.

How ethically wrong do you think academic dishonesty is?

13.6% of the respondents think academic dishonesty is not wrong due to reasons such as inherent dishonesty of people ( 4.2%) or the general environment in IIT( 9.6%). Around 87% of the respondents think it is wrong, out of which 34% think it is inescapable.


Had you been given an option not to attend any class, how regularly would you have attended?

Only a very insignificant 9% have stated that they would have attended all the classes in case of non-mandatory attendance. 48.4% have stated that they would attend most of the classes, while 35% said that they will attend the lectures just before the exams. 7.8% said they would have never attended any classes.

What were your reasons for not attending classes?

The most common reason given by the respondents for not attending classes was based on their perception of the lectures being monotonous, with 80 respondents stating so. Other major reasons given were laziness to move out from the room (64 responses), not having felt like they learnt anything in spite of attending a few lectures (53 responses) and general disinterest (51 responses).