Career Path

What are you doing right now/will be doing a few years from now?

Core Sector jobs and Higher studies formed the largest portion, with 31.8% percent students opting for core jobs and 23.4% opting for higher studies after graduating. The next most popular segments are of Consulting and Finance, with around 12% students opting for each. Students will also be working in the sectors of Government, Media, Education and Non-profit sectors. 2.6% will be pursuing entrepreneurship while 6.8% do not have a clue of what they would be doing right now.

Five years later:

Five years down the line, the number of respondents who would be in core industry and consulting has significantly grown smaller to 21.9% and 5% respectively, while those pursuing higher education has remained almost the same. The percentages for politics and entrepreneurship have gone up to 10% and 11% respectively, while the percentage of students who don’t have a clue has also gone up from 7% to 14%.

Place of Posting

Where are you heading off to after passing out?

Majority of the graduating students have opted to stay in India, at around 69%. Among international destinations, the most popular ones are US (19.3%) followed by Japan/Taiwan/South Korea (5.2%). A small percentage of students are also headed to Canada, UK and the Middle East.

Where in India are you heading?

Around one-fourth of the respondents would continue to stay in Mumbai after their graduation. The next most popular city is Bangalore, where 30 respondents are headed to. Delhi and Hyderabad follow, with 25 and 16 responses respectively.

Where do you wish you were headed after graduating (irrespective of your posting)?

With only around 46% students wishing to have stayed in India after their graduation, these figures paint a different picture than the one shown by the locations the respondents are headed to. 31.8% wished that they were headed to the US, compared to the 19.3% who are actually headed there. A significant number of respondents wished that they could shift to either UK, Germany or any other country in Europe. Far East Asia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand were some other choices.

Where would you like to settle?

A large majority of the respondents wished to settle in India, at 70%, while around 13% wish to settle in North America. While the figures for India are comparable to the number of students currently staying in India, the numbers for North America have significantly dropped from 20.3% to 13%, with a corresponding rise in Europe from 3% to 10%.

Entrance Examinations

Have you appeared for or are you planning to appear for any of the following exams?

42.2% of the students have stated that they would attend GRE in the near future, along with a large number of students opting for management-entrance exams such as CAT( 31.8%) and GMAT (22.9%). A substantial proportion wished to give for the civil-services and other related exams, while those aspiring for higher education in India itself via GATE is substantially lowe (16.7%)

Influence of Internships in Career Choices

How much did your internship influence you in making an effective career choice?

Internships were a massive influence for 42.5% of the respondents, while 38.5% had a small but yet effective influence on their career choices. 9% of the respondents felt that their internships had not effect, while 4.7% were not sure.

Have you had a change of mind regarding the sector of your career after completing a major intern?

A majority of students ( 60.4%) have stated that their final career goal remained the same after completing their intern while 39.4% changed their career paths.

Opportunities in the Core Sector

Would you have pursued core had there been more opportunites?

41.7% of the respondents have stated that they would change their career paths in case of better availability of opportunities during their stay in insti. A large proportion of seniors however have stated that the question won’t be applicable to them because of their career decisions.