Student Activities

Which of these activities/groups/clubs were you part of?

38.3% of the respondents said that they were part of a technical club, or had some research during their stay. 36.5% and 28.1% said they had participated in sports and cultural activities respectively. Among the IBs, Mood Indigo had the maximum participation at 31.3%, followed by Techfest at 21.9% and E-cell at 10.9%.

Skills Developed

Did IIT help you develop/pick-up any skill? If yes, then what?

Two-thirds of the respondents picked up organizational skills during their stay, while around 45% picked up technical skills. Around 9% claimed that they had not picked up any skill during their time in IIT-B.

Value Addition

How much value addition do you think your stay at IIT provided you?

Around 97% of the respondents gave a positive response to this question, with 82% stating that they expected to carry their learnt values throughout their lives. 5 respondents were not sure about anything being learnt and 1 respondent stated that they did not learn anything at all.

Influence of PoRs

Taking up a position of responsibility has greatly benefited your personality and/or helped you secure a lucrative job offer/admission. (Give a rating between 1 and 5)

48% of the respondents believe that their POR had a hand in shaping their personality and helped them bag lucrative jobs. Around 16% respondents however believe that their PORs had minimal effect on their personalities or their jobs, while one-fourth of the respondents remained neutral.