Narrative - Miscellaneous

For the last part of our survey, we asked a few questions based on the students’ life in IIT-Bombay, their political opinions, and a few other questions. Here is a brief summary of those responses:

Life in IIT Bombay

  • The hostel rooms of IIT Bombay got a negative response from the respondents in general, with 47% respondents being dissatisfied with their rooms. 31.7% of the respondents were satisfied with their rooms, while 21.3% did not care since they would have satisfied with the least livable conditions provided.

  • When it came to the ‘infamous’ mess food, 45.3% were openly dissatisfied, while 24% had no complaints as they got accustomed to the food. 10.4% actually liked the mess food of mst days, while 20.4% did not care about it.

  • 51.3% of the students believed that the institute had served as an all-round platform that helped them develop skills covering all aspects of an individual. Around a quarter each thought that they had missed upon developing social and academic skills respectively. Another 20% thought that they had failed to develop extracurricular skills while in the institute.


  • 97 of the 192 respondents claimed that they were not politically inclined. 63 were left leaning (liberal), while 25 stated that they leaned towards the right ( conservative). Some of the other respondents were not sure about their political inclinations.

  • When asked whether they thought the government is trying to supress the freedom of expression of students, 51 respondents gave a positive response while 63 disagreed with the statement. The greatest segment of 78 students was neutral when it came to this opinion.


  • 6.3% of the students had already started working in, or had (co-)founded a startup. Another 43% had expressed their desire to establish or work in a startup at some point in the near future, while 51% had no interest in entrepreneurship.

  • Responding about their contact with professors, 47% said that they had not been properly acquainted with a single professor by the time they were answering this survey. 48.4% had been in touch with upto5 professors, and an additional 4.6% had been in touch with more than 5 professors.

  • Coming to the use of Social media websites and apps, a large chunk of the respondents ( 47.4%) around 1-3 hours on these websites every day. An alarmingly high 33.9% spent more than 3 hours on social media, with the usage of 13 respondents crossing a nerve-wracking 6 hours per day.