Hostel Rooms

How satisfied were you with your hostel rooms?

About half of the respondents were clearly dissatisfied with their hostel rooms. Only around 32% stated that they were satisfied with their rooms, while 21% stated that they didn’t care.

Mess Food

What do you think of the mess food in hostels?

On being an IITian

Which of these would you say you failed to develop/missed out on because of studying in IIT?

More than half of the respondents showed a very positive response to this question, with 51.3% stating IIT-B’s environment to be conducive for overall development. Apart from these, 25.1% claimed to have missed upon academic and research opportunities, while 24.6% said that they had missed to develop social skills while in the institute.

About Startups and Enterpreneurships

Pick an option most applicable to you presently:

Though 51% directly stated their uninterest in entrepreneurship, 42.7% said that they would like to establish or work in a start-up in the near future. 6.3% of the respondents have already founded a start-up or currently work in one.

Political Inclinations

How would you describe your political leaning?

Majority of the respondents (97) have stated they are not politically inclined, while 63 and 25 have stated themselves to be liberal and conservative respectively.

Freedom of Expression

The current government is malevolently and systemically targeting students and their freedom of expression. What is your opinion on this. (Rate between 1 and 5)

While 26.7% of the respondents agreed that the government is trying to curb students’ freedom of expression, 33% disagreed with this statement. Around 41% of the students were neutral when it came to this question on freedom of expression.

Interaction with Professors

How many professors were/are you in touch with (NOT as professors but as people you could communicate with)?

46.9% of the respondents answered that they were not in touch with a single professor, while 48.4% claimed to be in touch with 5 or less than 5 professors. Only a single respondent claimed to be in touch with more than 10 professors.

Use of Social Media

How much time, on an average, did you spend on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit etc.) in a day?

Almost half of the respondents spend around 2 hours on social media, while around 19% spent less than half an hour on it. About 7% spent a staggering 9 hours or more on social media.