Gender and Sexual Orientation

What is your gender?

12.5% of the respondents said they identified as female, while 86.5% identified as male leaving us with 1% who preferred not to answer this question.

How do you identify yourself in freshie year and present day?

96% identified themselves as straight in their freshie year as compared to 93% at the time of the survey.

Hometown Demographics

You primarily grew up in a ____________?

A total of 66.1% of the respondents said that they grew up in cities, either small or big, with maximum( 35.9% ) being from big cities. Only 9.4% of the respondents said they were from villages.

Which region would you call your native place?

The largest segment of respondents come from Maharashtra, at 29.7%, followed by Andhra Pradesh at 10.9% and Rajasthan and MP, both at 10.4%. Among the respondents, the states forming the smallest contribution are Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Tripura and Goa.

Religious Beliefs

What are your religious beliefs?

42.2% of the respondents said that they were believers. 33.9% said that they were agnostic while 24% said they were atheists.

Relationship with Family

How close were you to your family while at college?

68.8% of the respondents maintained close relations with their family members, while only 1.6% felt that they did not maintain good relations.

Life after Graduation

How would you prefer to live after leaving the institute?

39.6% said they would prefer to live with friends, with this being the option with the maximum response. 31.8% said they would like to live alone while 22.4% would prefer to live with their parents.

When do you plan to get married?

44.3% of the respondents wished to wait at least 5 years after graduation before getting hitched, while 30.7% have not planned anything. Suprisingly, 0.5% of the respondents claimed that they are already engaged/ married.

Relationships and Sex

Have you dated while at IIT?

Around 52% of the respondents have dated, out of which 53%have dated someone from outside IIT. From those who haven’t dated during their stay in IIT, 56% stated that they were too afraid to ask.

How many people have you had a relationship with, during your stay in the institute?

Almost half of the respondents were not able to date while in IIT, while 43.8% had a couple of relationships during their stay. Only 1% of the respondents claimed to have been involved in more than 5 relationships.

How frequently did you have sex at IIT?

67.7% of the respondents have never had sex, while 13% had sex less than a total of 10 times. 14.6% of the batch had sex regularly for a part of their stay. And 4.7% had sex regularly throughout.

Social Life

Would you call yourself an extrovert or an introvert and did that change after entering IIT?

Most of the respondents (67.7%) claimed to be introverted before entering the institute, and 26.6% became extroverts as a result of their experiences in the institute. 32.3% were extroverts before, out of which 7.8% became introverted.

Do you feel a disconnect from other non-IITians in your age group?

44.6% feel a small amount of disconnect with someone not from an IIT, however they don’t think it matter a lot. 9.9% have stated that they clearly feel a strong disconnect with non-IITians from their age group.

How was your interaction with people from the opposite sex, after coming to IIT?

“Only a few people from the opposite sex, only as acquaintances” was the most selected option. 35.4% claimed they had a few close friends of the opposite sex, while 8.9% claimed that they had more friends of the opposite sex.